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Rachel seeks advice from a former mentor on the season two finale of How to Make it in America. Ben tries to sell Yosi on a new brand name. Yosi confronts him about trying to steal his tailor Enzo, but a confused Ben confesses to sleeping with Nancy. Cam tries to make things right with the Caribbean League but after Rene discovers Everton's male lover the two sides agree to do business together. Rene stops by Debbie's and finds his stuff packed into a box. Rachel accepts a job offer from Tim to be Neanderthal's publicist. At Kappo's farewell party Ben apologizes to Cam and later reveals that he resigned with Andy and is planning on making CRISP jeans with the help of Yosi's tailor. 

How To Make It In America
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How To Make It In America Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Is that my former heir apparent who threw it all away to to go bang DJ's in Ibiza?


Money, right yeah it matters, but it's one piece of the puzzle. Let me tell you something. Sometimes who you are doing business with is a lot more important than the business that you are doing.