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This week on Huge, the campers all write letters to their parents back home. As each teenager composes their missives, the letters reveal crucial information about his/her family relationships. Amber declares her optimism about camp and her close bond with her mother with her letter, but a phone call home suggests things are a little rough at home for her mother. Will, however, continually avoids writing to her parents and responds indifferently to Dr. Rand’s request that she update her parents on her progress.

Meanwhile, a new camper named Danielle arrives to take Caitlin’s place. Her incredibly supportive family (the “Dodsons”) accompanies her and stays for two full days, despite Dr. Rand’s assertion that they should let their daughter strike out on her own. The parents’ concern for their daughter’s anxiety over being left alone appears well-founded when, shortly after their departure, Amber finds Danielle sobbing and panicking in the bathroom. Danielle leaves camp, and Caitlin’s bunk remains empty.

Will’s encounters with the “Dodsons” expose her disappointment and sadness over her parent’s lack of encouragement and upsetting statements about her weight. Her final letter home recounts her pain over their actions, and her intention to never reveal how much she has been hurt by them.

Dr. Rand suffers from Will’s same issues with parental communication as she has yet to inform her mother of her working relationship with her father. Also, a care package reveals that Chloe and Alistair are siblings; clearly, Chloe would like to hide that fact.

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