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The second half of last week’s episode starts off with Amber and Will trying to dig up the stash. When they can’t find it, they use the refrigerator key to sneak into the kitchen and eat brownies. The two bond over their dysfunctional families, but Will is disturbed by Amber’s habit of spitting out her food into napkins.

Dr. Rand finds out from Shay that Chef Joe is quitting. She angrily confronts him about abandoning her and the campers, but he explains that he has another daughter, Violet, whose out of control behavior is about to land her in juvenile hall. Initially too upset to care about his other obligations, Dr. Rand softens when she sees how much Joe cares for Violet. 

Trent continues to deny his relationship with Chloe until she tells his stepmother that he’s a great drummer. This leads to him joining Ian and Will’s musical performance. The trio gives a rousing performance for their parents and Trent kisses Chloe in front of his parents.

Amber’s mother Teal continues to be an overly critical, and inappropriately flirtatious embarrassment to her daughter, especially when she flirts with Ian’s father. When Amber runs off to cry in the woods, Ian comforts her and admits to having feelings for her. The two kiss and later hold hands during the final campfire of the season.

Will notices their friendly behavior and leaves the gathering upset. Becca tries to talk to her about the incident, but Will’s continued hostility causes her to abandon their friendship. Dr. Rand still refuses to let Will quit despite eating the brownies, but the two finally reach some common ground about the somewhat miniscule benefits of weight loss.

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