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This week the parents come to camp on Huge. In “Parent’s Weekend," both functional and dysfunctional families create new problems for the characters. After preparing a scathing verbal assault for her parents, Will is disappointed to find out that they will not be attending the camp event. She receives a care package with a Core sweatshirt, implying her parent’s own the fitness company and that this family business might be the source of all her anger towards weight-loss programs.

Chloe and Alistair’s parents arrive, much to Chloe’s delight. Their father treats Chloe lovingly, but is overly critical of Alistair; the mother mistakes Becca for Alistair’s girlfriend and Alistair plays along. Chloe’s happy with her parent’s arrival, but disappointed that Trent ignores her and won’t introduce her to his parents as his girlfriend. The two families end up dinning in the same restaurant and awkwardly share a large table.

Amber’s mother arrives and she is outspoken and emotionally manipulative. She brings her daughter cookies, which Amber ends up hiding in the laundry room as she continues to placate her mother. Ian, initially concerned about his parent’s constant fighting, is surprised when they seem to get along. But, he is disturbed to find out that they are divorcing. Ian finds Amber’s cookies and, although tempted, turns them into Dr. Rand.

Dr. Rand avoids Wayne’s phone calls while continuing to receive messages from John. She avoids the situation, but finally introduces Chef Joe as her father to all the campers and their parents. Wayne shows up after a call from Joe and Dr. Rand lets Wayne back into her life while ignoring another text message from John.

Amber, distressed by her mother’s emotional breakdowns and the missing cookies, turns to Will and her secret stash. The episode ends with a “To Be Continued” as the two girls venture into the woods.

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