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A man hires Chance and his team.  The man drives up and accidently sets off a car bomb by backing into another car.  He then can’t remember his identity because he has retrograde amnesia.  

John Doe is released to Pucci's custody.  The police arrive to question John Doe.  Lieutenant Broward and Winston know each other.  Broward is the dirty officer that cost Winston his job and reputation.  Chance now wants to help John Doe and take Broward down.  

Chance goes to the motel that J.D. stayed at before his car exploded and find a key to a storage facility.

Guerrero discovers that the bomb was created by ammeters.   

The Mongrels (biker gang) arrive at the motel.  Ames and J.D. are attacked in the room and Chance makes a Molotov cocktail to save them.  Broward then appears and John Doe is taken into police custody.  

Lieutenant Broward actually was the one that hired the Mongrels to take out Chance and get John Doe back.

Chance then, at gun point, rescues John Doe from Broward.  

Ames sees a pen with the name of storage facility in John Doe's pocket.  They head to the facility and find a van full of cash.  
John Doe is actually David Jarecki.  Guererro knows him as the Laundry Man, capable of making millions disappear in one day. Broward must have J.D. to get rid of his dirty money.  

Winston goes to his ex-wife’s house to pick up old evidence against Broward.  

John Doe didn't keep record of his money laundering because he had a photographic memory.  Winston blows up because he spent his entire life and career trying to convict Broward.  

Chance and J.D. go to the police station and turn themselves in.  John Doe pretends to get his memory back and wants to make a deal for Broward to accept two million for his freedom, but in reality is after his account number.  Just as Broward is typing in the account number he gets suspicious and asks J.D. the name of the bar they conduct business at.

John Doe takes Broward to the storage facility to show him the ten million in cash.  Winston stops Broward because J.D. has memorized the Barbados account number.  They now have the evidence to convict him.

John Doe really made the bomb to fake his own death and make a run for it.  He wanted Chance to protect him while he made his escape.  

Winston goes to his ex-wife to apologizes for their past, of always putting his job ahead of her. 

Human Target
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Human Target Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You got a real opportunity here. Start a new life, second chances don't come very often, you can trust us on that.


(to Winston) You are a terrible liar, but you're a great cop.