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Karen sets out to find Niska in order to ask her to end her life, but Niska refuses and a fight ensues which leads to the death of George as he gets in the way. Karen then goes to Hobbs who knows her as Beatrice and is shocked of her existence and she decides to help him rid the world of the super synths. 

Joe's deceit comes to light when the police knocks on the door, following up his complaint and it leads to the synths getting ready to leave. They all try to save Max when they find him, but he is completely broken. 

The Hawkins family are shocked when they see Niska on the news wanted for murder and ask them to leave, but Karen shows up just as they are packing their bags, but instead of helping them escape, she brings the police to their door and all of the synths are arrested, as Hobbs smiles on.

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