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The Hawkins family realize the true nature of peril that Hobbs has the synths in and decide they must take action to ensure their safety. The police are seizing all of the electrical gadgets in the house and Mattie and Toby make an attempt to run off with the program and then blackmail Hobb in order to set the synths free. 

Hobb reluctantly agrees and the synths are set free and the Hawkins family meet up with them to help them get away from trouble. They hide out in an anti synth parade. 

Fred realizes that he must stay behind because Hobbs has made him his primary user, meaning he is a risk to the synths. 

Karen tries to destroy her siblings once more, but stops and realizes the error of her ways. All of the synths connect and the program is complete, but the synths agree to keep it all stored on a hard drive with the Hawkins family. Niska decides she wants to lead her own life and leaves her family behind. In the closing scenes, she is on a train and she has copied her own version of the program while Laura hides her copy, thinking it is the only one.

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