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Laura returns home and is shocked to find that Joe has purchased a robot to help out around the house. The kids warm up to Anita well, but Mattie tries to annoy her and makes her think she is inferior to humans.

Laura sets out to make sure Anita stays clear of Sophie's room and puts her to bed herself. Anita tries to help Laura on several occasions, but she doesn't have any of it and wants nothing to do with the robot.

Leo is trying to find Niska and Anita and another robot that was stolen from him. Niska is working in a brothel. She wants out, but has to stay in order to keep her cover. If she shows anyone that she remembers, she could be cancelled down.

George is being forced to get a new synth, but doesn't want to get rid of Odi. He is part of the family and tries to make short term fixes to him, but they only accelerate his malfunctioning and it leads to a run in with the law when Odi accidentally strikes a shop assistant and George is forced to get red of Odi once and for all.

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