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This week on Hung Ray takes a confidence hit on two accounts.  First the white whale tells Tanya that she doesn't want to meet Richard.  Instead Francis wants to pay $1,500 for a weekend with Mike Hunt.  And then Kim, Lanore's new client, is completely unsatisfied by Ray's performance.

Tanya is extremely pleased with her ability to catch Moby Dick and receive her $1,500 that she goes to her mother's celebratory dinner to brag about.  After giving her mom an expensive 'urban' necklace (that she received as a gift from her friend the pimp), she pays for the entire $840 dinner with her roll of cash.

Jessica has some trouble with a beaver in her basement.  More trouble comes when Ronnie doesn't believe that there was ever actually one there.  Ray is more than helpful when he comes by to set up some traps, but Ronnie kicks him to the curb when he arrives home to see his wife and her ex-husband out in the woods together.

Lanore continues to stay friends with Jessica, promising Ray that she'd never tell her about their partnership.  The pimp runs into a bit of trouble when she accidentally mentions that she knew Ray's house was burnt down.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Did Tanya put anti-Lanore ideas in your head?


Darby: Where did it go, beaverland?
Damon: Maybe one of your fat friends ate it.