The Five Graduates - Industry Season 1 Episode 1
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The episode opens going back and forth between the five main characters' interviews at Pierpoint & Co. The bank hires them. 

Harper arrives for her first day of work. The graduates talk amongst themselves while Harper observes.

The graduates go to a large room. Sara and Eric, two executives, give a presentation on what the next six months will be like for them. 

An employee asks Harper for her university transcript again. She texts someone asking for a favor. 

Harper and Hari run into each other. They talk for a bit. 

Harper runs into Daria, an executive at Pierpoint & Co., in the bathroom. Daria invites Harper to dinner with a client the following evening. 

Hari sits down at his desk and talks with Gus. Gus eventually leaves, and Hari pulls an all-nighter.

The next morning, Harper gets ready for work while video chatting with a friend named Todd. He promises to provide her a fake transcript in exchange for a sexual favor. Harper agrees.

At work, Hari tries to get ahead by doing Gus's work, but their boss, Lucinda, is not impressed.

Some of the graduates have a meeting with their supervisors. Yasmin orders and picks up lunch for her supervisors.

During lunch, Eric gives Harper advice for dinner that evening. 

Lucinda warns Hari that he cannot stay overnight at the office, and he has to leave at the end of the day. 

Robert and Theo go out for drinks with a bunch of male co-workers. They make small talk, and Theo gives Robert advice. 

During dinner, Harper remains silent, and the client, Nicole, notices.

Theo and Robert talk about Gus. Robert says something that makes Theo uncomfortable, so Theo leaves.

Harper pitches a plan to Nicole despite Daria's objections. Daria gets upset and leaves. Harper is successful with her pitch.

Hari, Gus, and Robert are still hanging out at the bar. Gus calls a cab for Hari and sends him home because he is extremely drunk.

Harper and Nicole share a cab on the way home. Nicole touches Harper inappropriately.

At home, Harper has a drink. She notices Hari stumbling out of the cab. She refuses to let him into his apartment because of how drunk he is, so he stays with her. They talk about Gus and the incident in the cab. 

Eventually, Harper falls asleep, and Hari leaves to go back to work. 

Lucinda informs Gus and Hari about an upcoming meeting. 

Sara checks in on Robert and assigns him a task.

On the way to his desk, Hari catches Harper's attention, and they wave at each other.

Hari stays overnight at the office again. Robert goes out and meets a girl at a club. They have sex in the bathroom. 

In the morning, Robert leaves the club with the girl. He sees Yasmin on the subway. 

After getting off at his stop, Robert vomits. At work, he freshens up in the bathroom.

During a meeting that morning, Robert says something he should not have, getting his supervisor's attention. He seems to be high, or hungover, or both.

Lucinda chooses Hari to sit in on the meeting. Hari realizes he messed something up, and he breaks down in the bathroom.

Robert meets his supervisor in the bathroom. His supervisor confronts Robert about his use of drugs. Before leaving the bathroom, Robert notices Hari collapsed in a stall on the floor.

Eric gives Harper advice. 

People start noticing the presence of a police officer. Eventually, paramedics wheel a body out on a stretcher. It turns out to be Harri; he is dead.

Sara instructs the graduates on how to deal with Hari's death professionally. Everyone returns to their desks.

Gus also returns to his desk, and Lucinda sits across from him in distress. Gus notices Hari's vest and a box. Inside the box are Hari's newly printed business cards.

Later that evening, Robert asks Gus if he wants to talk about Hari, but Gus declines. They sit in silence. 

The next morning, Harper gets an email from Todd with her fake university transcript. She is about to submit it, but she notices a stain from when Hari stayed over. Harper does not send in the transcript. In the hallway, she sees staff cleaning out Hari's apartment.  

At work, Harper is in the bathroom. She overhears Ruth and Yasmin talking badly about her by using racist stereotypes. When Ruth leaves, Harper exits her stall, and Yasmin tries to apologize. 

Harper calls Nicole, and they seal their business deal. Eric congratulates her and comments about her nose ring. Harper takes it out.

That night, Harper treats herself to stay in a fancy hotel. She submits her fake transcript.

The episode ends the next morning with Harper dressed and staring out the window.

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Industry Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Every successful business is full of people who spent money nurturing unremarkable talent.


Eric: Why are you here then?
Harper: Well, it's not a very political answer, but I think mediocrity is too well hidden by parents who hire private tutors. I am here on my own.