Need a Cab? - Industry Season 1 Episode 2
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Yasmin tries to sleep, but her boyfriend is watching something loudly on his phone. 

The next day, Yasmin goes to the gym. Robert is also there, and they notice each other. 

Theo and Gus are secretly hooking up again.

Harper arrives at work, and Yasmin arrives soon after.

Then, Kenny, Yasmin's supervisor, arrives at work, and he invites her out for drinks to talk about her progress at Pierpoint. Yasmin suggests they meet during the day, and Kenny gets upset.  

Eric meets with his team in the middle of the office while he gets dressed. Harper scrolls through a bunch of roommate rejections on her computer.

Then, Harper looks up one of Eric's clients on Wikipedia. Daria notices, and she talks to Harper about it.

Yasmin arrives back at her desk with coffee, and Kenny makes her uncomfortable.

During lunch, Harper goes to look at an apartment. When she gets back, Daria gives her advice on dealing with clients.

At home, Yasmin and her boyfriend celebrate his birthday with some friends. Yasmin's mother comes home, and she embarrasses her.

Harper is at a bar with co-workers. One of them says they know someone who is running an article on Hari's death at Pierpoint.

Gus tells Theo he is thinking of transferring to the sales department.

Harper visits another apartment. Her potential roommate asks questions about herself while they share a joint.

Gus and Theo arrive at Gus's apartment without realizing that Robert is in the kitchen. When Theo uses the bathroom, Robert asks Gus about him, and Gus notices Robert's interest in Yasmin.

Yasmin's mother continues to shame her in front of her friends.

Gus and Theo talk about Theo's girlfriend. They eventually hook up.

Yasmin plans to seduce her boyfriend, but he turns her down. She gets upset, and she starts flirting with Robert over text.

The next day at the gym, Yasmin and Robert subtly flirt with each other. 

Harper meets with an executive at Pierpoint to talk about Hari.

Lucinda and Gus talk, and she begs Gus to act like she takes good care of her employees.

While picking up lunch for her team, Yasmin runs into an old friend. They talk for a while.

Eric emails Harper a request. Harper visits Yasmin at her desk and asks her for a favor. 

Kenny gets upset with Yasmin for not getting croutons on his salad. He shames her in front of the team. 

Eric comes back from lunch and asks Harper about his request. They go to meet a client ten minutes before the client, Felim, has another meeting. Eric tries to get Felim back as a client, but Felim is hesitant.

After the meeting, Eric gets mad at Harper for not speaking up. 

That evening, there is a graduate dinner for the graduates and their supervisors. Sara toasts to them.

Yasmin talks to Hilary about doing other potential work.

Harper converses with Robert and Greg. She later shares a joint with Robert in the bathroom.

Gus confronts Sara about the future of his team. 

Yasmin tries to talk to Kenny and another employee, but Kenny gets mad and yells at her. Harper stands up for Yasmin, prompting Kenny to yell at her. Eric asks Kenny to leave.

Yasmin goes to smoke outside. Harper meets her there and gives her advice.

After dinner, Harper and Yasmin bond while drinking, and Yasmin offers her a spare room. They get drunk and dance with Robert and Greg.

At the end of the night, a few employees get into a cab, along with Yasmin, Robert, and Greg. Yasmin tricks Robert into getting out of the cab.

Yasmin texts Harper, reconfirming her room offer.

Robert arrives home and finds Gus sleeping on the couch. Gus tells Robert about Pierpoint cutting his team.

Yasmin makes food in her kitchen. Her boyfriend walks in, and they begin kissing. He goes down on her, and Yasmin takes a picture to send to Robert. Robert opens the photo.

The episode ends with Yasmin reassuring her boyfriend the photo was for herself for later.

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You know, why are women so much more interesting to men than men are to women?


And how many women call him? And how many women actually engage him? You see, men belong to a nice, exclusive subset. And you know, it's not betraying your sex by -- I mean, it's not regressive to be a conversationalist. You convince them you're a friend, and they'll forget what they are.