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On a Tuesday, the gang is backstage with nametags trying to get ready for the "family fight" TV show. When the other family (who are all black) show up, there's an awkward silence that can mistaken for racial tensions. The gang is probably just in their usual intense, competitive mode. 

Janet Barrett, the head of the other family goes up against Frank -- who flirts inappropriately.

Keegan-Michael Key plays Grant Anderson, the head of the game show. 

Frank gets pig, the number 1 answer. He decides to keep playing. He decides to change his answer, because he's seen eat a man. 

Dennis tries to play a straight-laced "proprietor" but can't handle it when the buzzer rings and he's proven wrong. 

Dee says the word "cock" on live TV, even though it's a family show. They change it to chicken and they get it right.

Mac tells the story of how they were adopted, and guesses cow. 

Charlie guesses dragon and it actually turns out to be the one point answer. 

The Reynolds wins round one, but Dennis is upset because the gang isn't acting properly (and because he didn't get the right answer). They make the buzzer sound which frustrates him.

He goes against Bobby, and guesses laser beams for being able to groom a human being. He gets it wrong and gets more frustrated. Bobby guesses hairbrush and wins.

They go back and forth, and ignore Charlie's answer of "bride" -- which was actually right.

Dee goes up against the next opponent. Dee destroys the buzzer and sparks fly.

The gang try to think of a steal for the question "things people are afraid of."

Dennis thinks "failure" is too pathetic. Charlie guesses "night-man." Dennis says it must be "clown."

"Clowns" ends up being right! And they end up winning. They do a "you lose" dance. 

"Night-man" ends up being the one point answer -- Charlie is still right once again.

The announcer is getting fed up. 

The gang is backstage. 

Charlie remembers that he took the survey without realizing. 

Dee is up to play but she's dizzy from starving herself. She faints and the farting buzzer she has goes up.

Frank goes up for Dee and gets every question right. Now Dennis is up. 

Dennis only needs five points for them to win, because of how well Frank did.

Dennis guess the same thing as Frank and the buzzer keeps going off. He has a mental break at the end when the buzzer keeps going off and he curls up into a ball. 

He begs the announcer not to air the episode. He keeps repeating "this doesn't represent me" and we cut to the gang watching the episode finish on TV back at the bar. Dennis wonders why they had to air him crying on the floor at the end, and the gang replies that they usually air the whole thing, and that was just how the episode happened to end. 

Dennis is clearly ashamed at himself and impression he gave of himself on TV. 



It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

I've seen many pigs eat many men -- it was a blood bath.


Right down the middle is so boring, that's not what the audience wants to see!