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At 10:30 AM, the rest of the gang shows Dennis what they believe might be a sinkhole in the back office. During this discussion, Frank realizes that he doesn't care about the hole or the ball anymore, says that he's retiring, and immediately leaves. 

Dennis conducts a meeting with the gang to figure out how to divide Frank's shares. 

Mac says they have "Paddy's Succession Plan" to help them figure out what to do in a case like this. 

Dee reads the plan, written on a dirty, old, paper plate, and claims that according to it she's in the running for the bar. 

Charlie tries to disagree but he sees that he signed it in blood. 

Mac keeps switching sides as Dee, Dennis, and Charlie go back and forth. Dee and Dennis claim that having the "Reynolds" name is the most important, while Charlie believes that the fact that he might actually be Frank's son is essential.

Mac keeps messing up his way to play both sides. Mac slices his palm saying he would take a blood oath with Charlie. He starts bleeding everywhere.

Charlie tries to ask Frank if he's his dad, and Frank is really resistant to the whole thing. Mac tries to help Charlie come up with a plan. 

Charlie wants to take Frank's blood as he's passed out with his eyes open. Frank is tired from working out -- he's heard that retired men get out of shape quickly. 

Charlie and Mac go to the hospital with a large bucket of blood and ask if they took too much. The doctor says that there was blood already in the bucket (it's a "blood bucket," after all) and that he cant answer any of their questions. He says Frank needs blood as soon as possible. 

Dee and Dennis walk around their new bar and think about the future.

Mac keeps spelling out his plans to both sides. He reopens his blood oath wound to try and make a blood oath with Dee and Dennis. He cut it with a knife that had lime on it. 

Mac is assigned by Dee and Dennis to kick Charlie out.

Frank feels lightheaded from eating some supposedly healthy berries. 

Dee keeps trying to use her "Arch" voice and no one likes it. 

Dee tries to help Charlie because she's afraid of what Dennis has planned. They try to take more of Frank's blood, but they do it in a bag that had pickles, and it bursts at the door regardless. Dee and Charlie realize that "first is worst." This means that Dee was born first, so that she has precedence. 

Mac goes and tells Dennis about the plan, panting. He is also hired as Dennis's pawn. 

When Charlie and Dee run in to reveal the already split beans,Dennis reveals that he found a younger half-brother who he's going to use to get hold of the bar over Dee. 

When a near-death Frank sees his "one true son" the blood returns to his body, and he refuses to retire. He gets a renewed urge to have "Frankito" help him run the bar as his "#2."

Dennis reveals that he made it all up -- the guy he is also a random Mexican man who looks sort of like Frank. Dennis made that plan seven years ago. 

The gang realizes that Dennis was planning to screw them all over, but get distracted by the hole. 


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Frank: I don't care anything about this hole - I'm passionless.
Dennis: What are you saying Frank?
Frank: I officially retire from Paddy's Pub.
The Gang: YAY!!!

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Hey Frank, did you hear what I just said? I just turned a frustrating conversation into a joke about you!