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Frank and Charlie are sucing alcohol off of actual worms. Dee is dressed as a man. The gang tires to make the boat on time, but they miss the boat. Dennis tries to drive his car into the water. 

Soaking wet, back at the bar, Dennis gets angry at the group for being so weird now, and blames Frank. He tries to storm out but Mac and Frank storm out first. Dennis walks out calmly to go and try to be who he was prior to Frank showing up.

Charlie and Dee bound over lunch. They realize that it's usually get peer pressured into making fun of each other and so forth. Charlie usually orders chicken, WITH the beak, because of Frank, and Dee usually has to try really hard to be funny. 

Together, they realize they have to do neither and can just be themselves.

Dennis tries to sell his used car while it's still floating in the river. He gets angry when the customer starts asking questions, but tries to calm himself down -- according to him, angry Dennis is the result of the gang. He think he's usually a calm, cool, cucumber. 

Mac and Frank hit the club trying to revive their nonexistent party days. 

Mac seems t realize that maybe he needs to try going after men. Frank meets another group of three, well polished, two men and a woman, who just bought a bar. He buys them a round, implying that history might repeat itself. 

As Charlie and Dee practice Def Jam poetry, and as Dennis gets annoyed over the day's events, Mac comes in with an announcement. They all think he's about to come out of the closet, but he's announcement is that now he's going after tens, not fives. 

He brings home "Dusty," who loves angel dust. 

Frank tries to bond with the new group he meet at the club, but they're too normal to fall for his gimmicks. He doesn't give up though, and tries his best to turn that gang into his old gang. 

Dennis and Charlie kiss while practicing Def Poetry, are hesitant at first, but then start making out. They realize that they calm each other down and so forth. 

Frank runs the fake ID scam and brings in a bunch of underage kids to pack the bar his new "friends" run. He also lets a ferret loose for the rats, as per Charlie's advice. 

Dennis meets a potential customer. He seems to be perfect at first, until he calls his car a starter car. 

Frank realizes that his new group was fined for the underage drinking and bails on them when they're about to ask for help.

Dennis (and then Frank) storm into the bar demanding things go back to normal. Charlie and Dee, nervous about the night before, agree immediately 

Mac also agrees when his charade with Dusty is blown, and the gang finds out that he doesn't really find her attractive (even though she's a "10"). 

Frank, dressed as a man-cheetah, brings out a rum ham. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Dennis: All of us have gotten god damn weird.
Frank: I think we're just hitting our stride!

It’s got land to sea craftsmanship! We’re not missing that boat —