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It's 10 AM on a Wednesday and Mac and Dennis rush into the bar to talk to Dee, Charlie and Frank. They think that their neighbors are spying on them. They also start discussing eating fish.

Across the street is the Chinese fish factory. 

Dennis and Mac enlist Dee to help them with their counter attack/defense when it comes to their neighbors and leave Charlie and Frank feeling left out. 

Dennis and Mac berate Dee for her back sass and question replacing Charlie. Charlie tries to spy on Dennis and Mac at Dee's apartment. He brings over a flower vase with a camera in it, and has Frank tell him where to place them.

Dennis has Mac throw out the flowers after Charlie leaves.

Dee is undercover at the fish factory and tries to infiltrate the business. She tries to make small chitchat with co-workers, and then elevates to trying to seduce the manager. 

She gets her hair stuck in the machines and has her hair cut with a butcher knife. 

Charlie has Dennis and Mac meet him for a meeting in a restaurant in order to further spying on them. 

Charlie had texted them 911 to get their attention. He says their friendship is danger. He tells the group to order appetizers, and they end up getting $44 fish separately for themselves. 

They also have no recollection of the the waiter, even though he's waited on them and dealt with their crap numerous times. 

Frank is on the phone with Charlie. Frank doesn't want Charlie to spend like $120 for this meal for the snappers.

Dee's a mess. She causes someone driving a forklift to crash while she's cleaning up her previous spill.

Frank shows up undercover to the restaurant to order fish himself but they're out of fish -- and he's outraged. 

Charlie and Frank talk about how they think Mac and Dennis are going to business with the Chines across the street to make pastries. 

Frank came to this conclusion when he saw search results that read "Asian" and "creampie." 

Charlie tires to get on Mac and Dennis own his side by revealing that Frank knows about their creampie business. They get into a huge confusion over what creampie each party was referring to, and it's finally revealed that there is no real scheme going on either end. 

In the meantime, Dee ends up in yet another accident, and this time ends up in the hospital. Her consistent accidents keep delaying the production of snappers, and other fish, that the gang has been trying to eat their favorite restaurant all day. They decide that she's not really fit for the schemes and leave her all alone at the hospital and head back to the bar. 

They agree that there should be no more spying. They also come to the conclusion that everyone, everywhere in the world, is always just masturbating. It's a universal habit, according Dennis. And the rest of the gang agrees. Although Mac questions how Frank and Charlie didn't know what creampies were.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

The real threat is here at home! We gotta spy on Mac and Dennis.


Let’s not get crazy here, you’re always gonna be the butt of the jokes.