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  • Gray gives Jane a Birkin bag as a reward for the successful runway show.
  • Jane's brother gets a job at her high school.
  • Jane and Lulu are tied for the top spot in their class.
  • Gray gives Jane a long list of tasks to complete, including: setting up a trunk show, getting impossible-to-find flowers, and breaking up Gray's relationship with a hot model.
  • India and Jeremy are sleeping together.
  • India sabotages the trunk show, but Jane is able to save it with Billy's help.
  • Gray is married to a competitor of hers.
  • Gray takes the Birkin bag back with Jane was unsuccessful in dumping Gray's boyfriend for her.
Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

No, it was more than a fight. I'm done being your dirty little secret, Lulu.


Beau Bronn is the spawn of Satan.