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Jeremy: There is one person I want to hire from Donovan Decker.
India: Let me guess who that is.

It was never a competition, Amanda.


Jane: There is one person.
Eli: Let me guess, the complicated best friend. Well, it sounds like you should be with him.

Ben: That was very public
Rita: I'm all yours, Ben Quimby. And, from now you can call me Rita.

I want you back. I just want you back, Rita.


The drama club is where the misfits go.

Billy: Living with the guidance counselor ... that is rough.
Jane: Rough. It's hard to go back after you've had a taste of freedom.

I just didn't want Ben to miss out on his dream again because of me.

That's Gray spreading sunshine wherever she goes.


I'm done, Jane. With all of it.


I don't know, Jane. I don't speak girl.