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Jane the Virgin taps into crime to raise the stakes in the final few episodes. 

As Jane chats with her editor about making the crime more climactic, the editor suggests that maybe the villain switched the child at birth. 

Immediately, Jane begins spiraling as thoughts that Rose possibly switched Mateo when she kidnapped him.

She tries not to let the impossible thoughts consume her, but when she's tossing and turning in bed, Rafael realizes something is up. 

When she tells him about her baseless worries, he begins to freak out. 

Rose had no motive, but she's a sociopath so anything is possible. 

Jane's so bothered by not knowing that she decides to do a DNA test. 

They swab Mateo's cheek and wait for the results.

Eventually, they open the envelope and breathe out a sigh of relief because Mateo is their biological child. 

Jane struggles with rewriting her novel after an explosive confrontation with Alba in which she tells Jane she doesn't allow her to tell her story of sexual awakening. 

A few days after the blowout, Alba gives Jane her blessing and tells her that it was Jorge who convinced her to own her truth. 

Jane thanks Jorge who explains that Alba has lived in fear of being deported her whole life so she built up walls. She needed to be reminded that being open about her life was acceptable. 

Clarissa, an investor, expresses interest in franchising the Marbella. 

Petra is elated until she finds out that Clarissa's guru, Maggie aka her mother Magda, is behind the move. 

Magda agrees to help Petra seal the deal for half of the Marbella. 

Petra refuses to make a deal with the devil and locks her mother up in a supply closet while she shmoozes Clarissa. 

When Magda escapes, she comes face-to-face with Alba in the same staircase in which she once pushed Alba into a coma. 

Alba gets Magda's threat on tape and threatens to send it to her parole officer unless she leaves town immediately. 

Petra gloats about signing the deal with Clarissa, and Magda agrees to accept $500 from her daughter every month. 

Jane is inspired by Alba's story about Magda and realizes her novel doesn't need more scary moments, it needs a confrontation between the villain and the heroine. 

After finishing her edits, she informs Rafael that she wants to visit Rose in prison. 

As they drive over to the prison, Rose begins stabbing herself violently in the leg. 

It's all part of her orchestrated plan. As she's riding off in the ambulance, a white van with several Rose clones crashes into them.

Rose gets away and meets up with "Girl" and Luisa at a hidden location while Dennis breaks the news of Rose's escape to Rafael and Jane. 

It turns out the Luisa that met up with Jane is actually an FBI agent wearing a mask. 

Luisa sold her out and skipped town. 

In a panic, Rose grabs "Girl" and uses him as a human shield to make her great escape. 

Meanwhile, Rogelio and River's telenovela "This Is Mars" scores a series order yet River refuses to celebrate because she's too heartbroken about her daughter, Pond, not speaking to her. 

Seeing his dream within arms reach, Rogelio goes out of his way to mend things between River and Pond, who stopped speaking to her mother after she forgot to thank her during her Emmy acceptance speech. 

Rogelio and River stage the night of the Emmys when her mother won and she gets to rewrite history. 

But when Pond forgives her mother, River decides to cater to her by moving production of This Is Mars to New York City. 

Rogelio is conflicted -- will he pursue his career or stay behind with his family?

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Lily: Oh, I've got something good. What if, when the villain kidnaps the baby, she swaps it out for a different one.
Narrator: Oh. Wow.
Lily: Scary, right?
Jane: Yeah, that would be terrifying.
Narrator: Agreed, don't go there Jane.

Rogelio: Today, we are reshooting life.
Narrator: Yes, friends, the line between truth and fiction is getting blurrier by the moment.