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Jane the Virgin embarks on its final episode by focusing on the three women who have been central to the series -- Jane, Abuela and Xiomara.

All three women are experiencing life-altering situations. 

Xiomara informs Jane she and Rogelio are planning to move to New York City to focus on his American acting debut. 

Jane takes the news better than expected, but she's still heartbroken about the idea of being separated from her mother. 

When Mateo begins unpacking Abuela's boxes so she doesn't have to move away, Xo realizes she doesn't want to leave her family behind. 

She proposes the idea of commuting to Rogelio who agrees because he wants to do whatever will make her happy despite feeling terrified. 

As Rafael plans their wedding, Jane dedicates herself to re-writing the ending of her novel. 

After three-and-a-half weeks, she's finished with the final touches. 

Luisa finds Rafael's birth parents and to everyone's surprise, they are two normal bakers who lived in Italy and died in a car accident. 

When Jane breaks the news to Rafael, she's surprised by how composed he is. 

He informs her that he's built a great life with her and isn't as broken as he used to be. 

The next day at Jane and Rafael's wedding rehearsal, Jane learns that her book is being sent off to authors who could potentially write the forward to her book. 

At the rehearsal dinner, everyone gives heartfelt speeches including Lina, who reveals that she's finally pregnant. 

Xiomara breaks down crying, Rogelio suggests that Rafael call him 'dad,' and Petra gets emotional. 

Even Luisa gets in on the action and tells Jane she should be thankful that she artificially inseminated her with Rafael's sperm. 

Later in the evening, Alba hears about Xo's decision not to move away and calls Jane over.

Jane echoes Rafael's sentiments: "be brave."

Alba agrees that Xo is making irrational decisions out of fear. She tells Xo that if she was able to immigrate to America and start a new life, Xo should be able to move to a different city and be fine. 

Jane spends the night before her wedding having plenty of last moments with her mother and grandmother. 

The day of the wedding, Rafael rushes to get Jane's book edits to the publisher and ends up getting stuck in the parking lot. 

As he drives away, he is stopped and arrested by a cop. 

He calls Jane to bail him out, and she thinks his gesture is so romantic that she rushes to his aide. 

Since there's a marathon happening in the neighborhood, she convinces a bus driver to rent her the bus for the day using her book advance to pay him and the passengers off. 

After she scoops up Rafael, the bus returns to get the rest of the wedding party.

Since they're late, Petra is stalling all the guests and spots JR. 

She's shocked to see her ex-girlfriend there. JR informs her that Rafael was feeling sentimental and called her to come to the wedding because Petra really missed her. 

After a passionate kiss and an exchange of 'I love you's," they agree to get back together. 

Jane and Rafael finally arrive at their wedding and it's as magical as you'd expect it to be. 

They're both so emotional, neither of them can get through their vows. 

Alba pronounces them husband and wife and they throw themselves at each other. 

It's also revealed that Mateo is the Narrator that's been narrating Jane's novel-turned-telenovela. 

And everyone lived happily ever after. 

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