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J-WOWW vows she's going to punch Mike when he gets home. Guess what? She does. Backhand to the face.

Aside from J-WOWW, Mike is also having problems with Vinny. They've been messing with each other for a while.

Pauly has decided to ditch some Israeli girl he met at a club, so he can hang out with Vinny and his creatures.

Well, the Israeli girl is on the boardwalk. And everywhere else he goes. Fortunately, when the stalker calls Vinny does an impression of Mike to throw her off.

The next day, the Israeli girl calls to tell him off and the house gets their snacks ready to watch the argument go down. And Pauly really gave it to her.

Days later, she approaches Pauly at a club and Mike has to intervene on their screaming match.

Soon enough, though, Pauly is leaving the club with his stalker - holding hands!

Mike and Pauly are bored and they start pulling practical jokes on Mike's house enemies. First, he plants pickles all around Snooki's room.

Then, he creates some crazy concoction he calls haterade and places it under Vinny's bed. That leads the entire house to confront Mike about his actions. Ronnie takes the chance to confront him about his continuing attraction to Sammi.

The house goes out bowling and Jenni decides to squash her conflict with Mike over the Atlantic City slap.  J-WOWW is the bigger person so they hug it out.

On the way out of a club that night, some girls start making fun of Snooki. Sammi wants to go back and fight, but Ronnie holds her back.

Soon, some guy starts messing with Ronnie for no reason.

Ronnie loses it and runs back to the guy. The guy is face down on the sidewalk and Ronnie is yelling, "That was one punch!"

The police arrest Ronnie.

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Jersey Shore Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It's obvious that Sammi has a crush on me... it goes back to the days of prehistoric kindergarten.


Yo, Pauly D has a little situation on his hands... she's definitely a stage 5 clinger.