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Bo Crowder is out of jail and his daughter-in-law, Ava, seems to be the first one to find out.  The elder Crowder surprises his son’s killer by dropping in on her while she’s eating desert, alone, at a local dinner.  Ava’s shocked to see him, but Bo explains that he was let out early because Raylan exposed Sheriff Hunter as a criminal and any convictions that resulted from his arrests need to be retried.  With only 87 days left on Bo’s sentence, the DA would rather just release Bo than retry him.

The next day, at the US Marshal’s office, Raylan finds that Assistant United States Attorney David Vazquez is present, but not interested in Raylan, for the moment.  Instead, he’s dealing with an appeal by Cal Wallace who is serving four life sentences and being detained in the Marshal’s office while he awaits his court date.  As Vazquez leaves, he mentions having a meeting with Raylan later in the day to discuss his shootings.

Vazquez does not make it far before a hostage situation arises when Cal knocks out one of the guards assigned to him and pulls a shiv out on the other.  The entire Marshal’s office springs to life, but Wallace picks out Raylan as the person he wants to talk to.  Raylan and the Marshal’s try to figure out what it is that Wallace is looking to get out of the hostage situation, but Wallace disregards the normal demands and claims he wouldn’t believe any other concessions the Marshal’s could try and negotiate.

In the meantime, Chief Mullen is forced to call the Lexington SWAT team into the situation and the office knows what that means – Wallace is not likely to survive the day.  Before the team arrives, however, Raylan makes a connection with Wallace over fried chicken and suspects that all Wallace is looking for is some dignity, even for just a few days, before being sent back to prison.  

Gutterson is sent out to buy some fried chicken and returns with a bucket of 24 pieces a split second before the tactical team is going to rush in on Wallace.  Giving Wallace a taste of the fried chicken, Raylan is able to negotiate the safe release of the captive guards in exchange for a fried chicken dinner for Raylan and Wallace every night that Cal is in Lexington for his court date.  

Meanwhile, Raylan’s ex-wife, Winona, returns home to find a man named Wynn Duffy has broken into their house and is claiming to be a security specialist that her husband, Gary, has called for.  She knows nothing of Wynn’s claims and throws him out of their house.  When Gary returns home, she confronts him about Wynn’s presence because she suspects Gary is into some shady dealings and knows this man.  Gary denies the claim and when Winona reveals that she read Gary’s email and saw the names, he walks out.

At the very end of the meeting, Raylan decides to meet with Vazquez despite the drama earlier in the day.  Vazquez does not have good news for Raylan or Chief Mullen – Boyd is going to be set free because they can’t make the charge stick.  The only charge they had any evidence on was him threatening the life of a federal official and the prime witnesses in that case – Raylan and Ava – have compromised their credibility with their relationship. 

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Justified Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Bo Crowder: Howdy Marshall, I sure am glad you could join us
Raylan: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not joining you. You were just leaving.

You alright daughter-in-law? You look like you just walked on your own grave.

Bo Crowder