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After a veiled threat by Johnny Crowder directed at Ava in the hardware store earlier in the day, Ava and Raylan are woken up in Ava’s bed by an intruder that night.  The assailant burst through the door firing a sawed off shotgun, but Raylan is able to whisk the two of them out of bed before the shooter can hit them.  While shots continued to be fired blindly, Raylan wrestles the shotgun away from the intruder, throws him out the window and fires blindly at the assailant, making contact, but not killing the man.

Office Hunter Mosley and the Harlan police show up at Ava’s house and immediately suspect that the Crowder’s are behind the shooting.  Mosley suspects that Johnny Crowder is the intruder after hearing of Ava’s hardware store episode, but Raylan could tell from wrestling that it was not Johnny.  

Nevertheless, Ava is sent to the Harlan’s sheriff’s office while Mosley and Raylan track down Johnny.  They find Johnny at his bar and hold him down to check for any wounds.  Johnny shows no signs of being shot and Raylan is confident that Johnny was not the shooter that he threw out the window.  

When Raylan returns to the US Marshals office, Chief Mullen is livid with Raylan for “screwing the witness in your own shooting” and shooting another man in the process, in Ava’s home, no less.  Mullen is worried that the US Attorney’s office is going to come down hard on Raylan for his actions.

After Chief Mullen is done chewing Raylan’s head off, Givens heads to the penitentiary to confront Boyd Crowder about his family’s involvement in the attempt on Ava’s life.  Although he is shifty and deceptive in his speech, eventually Boyd plants the idea in Raylan’s head that perhaps Ava was not the target, but in fact he was.  Everything becomes clear for Raylan who realizes that Mosley is involved in the plot to kill him.

Unfortunately for Raylan, Mosley has kidnapped Ava and plans to use her as leverage against Raylan to prevent him from killing or arresting him.  Mosley’s plan – have Raylan drive him in one car while Mosley’s associate, Red – who turns out to be the failed murder attempt shooter – drives in front of them in a van holding Ava hostage.  

While trying to escape, Mosley leaks to Raylan that the cartel that Raylan left behind in Miami is behind Raylan’s murder attempt.  Mosley got in contact with the cartel to help him find the man who raped and killed his niece many years ago and in return he was to hand Raylan to them to kill.  

What Mosley doesn’t plan on during his getaway is Ava escaping from her bindings and assaulting Red while he’s driving the van.  A struggle on the highway ensues and the van eventually crashes into a tree on the side of the road.  Raylan uses the distraction to take Mosley’s gun from him by breaking his wrist.  Both Raylan and Ava are unharmed while Mosley and Red are apprehended by the Marshals trailing the fugitive’s cars. 

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Justified Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mosley: Old pick up trucks in Harlan are just like a******s.
Ava: Everybody's got one.

I'm going to have to get a new bed. Unless I want to keep this one as a conversation piece.