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A couple of guys steal a bunch of prescription drugs off of a bus that Dewey Crowe was riding on.  Everyone thinks Boyd had something to do with it, but he swears he didn't.  Dewey Crowe wants to steal the drugs back so he pretends to be Raylan and goes and gets them from the robbers.  When Raylan goes to Dewey to get them back, the robbers come for him.  Doyle Bennett finds the two pill robbers and asks who hired them to hijack the bus.  After they tell him it was his brother Dickie, he shoots them dead.

Boyd continues to claim that he is on a good path, but bottling everything up finally gets the best of him.  Kyle, a man from work who tried to have a drink with Boyd on a couple occasions, gets the brunt of his frustrations.  Boyd drives down the road with Kyle in a headlock, hanging out the window of his truck.  He then lets Kyle go and screams like a mad man.

Winona doesn't want to be seen in public with Raylan because she is still married to Gary.  She won't divorce Gary because she doesn't have faith that her and Raylan can be happy together.  Meanwhile, Raylan also goes to see Ava to question her about Boyd, whom she is currently allowing to live in her house.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You know Boyd...for a guy who supposedly changed, you sound an awful lot like you always did.


Without me pointing a gun at you, you wouldn't be alive today.