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Boyd assures Raylan that he will not go after the guys from Miami because his outlaw days are behind him.

Arlo doesn't give up the money he took from Raylan when his son visits, and he and Aunt Helen plead with Raylan to leave Mags Bennett alone.

Mags lies to Loretta about what happened to her dad, saying that she sent him on a high paying job down south.

Raylan goes out with Deputy Gutterson to transport a pregnant prisoner, Jamie, to the doctor's office. While there, they get jumped by a couple of bad guys, who take the prisoner with them.

Jess Timmons, one of the guys who took Jamie, keeps her captured with an EMT and prepare to deliver her baby.  The Marshalls figure out that it's not Jamie's husband's baby, but rather the baby of a guard at the prison.

Jamie figures out that Jess is going to kill her once the baby is delivered and tries to escape.  He finds her, but the EMT realizes Jess's plan as well and attempt to set her free.  Jess kills the EMT just before the Marshalls show up.  Once there, Gutterson shoots Jess right between the eyes.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Step out of the hole to find Raylan Givens waiting for me. For a second I thought I was 19 again.


Coover: You think he shit himself?
Dickie: Maybe you should check.
Coover: Maybe I will.