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Quarles sets himself in Napier's office, preparing for a victory in the election.  Napier wins, but gets disqualified because his sister works in the voting office.  Shelby wins and Quarles doesn't take it well.


He goes to Raylan's bar and threatens to kill him.  Raylan sends all the patrons out of the bar and wants to duel right then and there.  Lindsay the bartender won't have any of it and sends Quarles out the door.


Meanwhile, Dickie Bennett is going to be released from prison unless Raylan can testify in front of the court.  Raylan tries to prepare, but once he gets to the court, he ends up telling them to release Dickie.

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Justified Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I hope you enjoyed your stay, and you never forget who packed your bags.

Boyd (to Quarles)

He's not Derek Jeter black. He's Wesley Snipes black.