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Boyd runs into trouble with the Crowes after killing four guys in Mexico. He's able to preserve his drug deal by guaranteeing to get the bodies out of Mexico. He doesn't quite live up to that deal when Federales extorts money and the truck from him. It all works in his favor though as planned. They had the drugs, but not the bodies. They meet up with Daryl's contact to get out of the county.

Kendal was tired of his living conditions and called Jack. He shows up and leaves with Kendal. It turns out that Wendy and Jack are Kendal's parents. He always figured that was the case, but Jack confirmed the young man's suspicions. Jack was on the run after he skimmed money and put a guy in a coma.

Wendy recruited Raylan to help her find Kendal. Raylan ditches Alison and their planned trip to Florida to go help Wendy. In exchange for his help, she promised to give him information to help him find her brothers in Mexico. They find Kendal and save him from Jack. When the peaceful exchange goes bad between Jack and his pursuer, Michael, Raylan has them both arrested.

Ava continues he plan to bring drugs into the prison. She has her shoulder dislocated to get into the medical ward. She makes a deal with a woman there to bring in the drugs. 

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Justified Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

What a pussy!


Jack: Like it there?
Kendal: Hate it here.