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On this episode of Justified...

Raylan convinces Wynn to tell Katherine about Boyd's plan in the hopes she will get Avery to reveal where the money is.

Raylan meets with Avery to tell him Katherine will ask about the money movement.

Boyd doesn't fall for Raylan's trap, but Raylan suspects that.

Boyd captures Katherine and convinces Avery to bring his money in exchange for her.

Avery meets with Loretta's grandmother, but when she refuses Avery about the land, Boon kills her.

Raylan tells Ava that the deal with her is basically done and she will most likely go back to prison.

She asks if she can get Boyd to confess to killing Dewey as a deal.

Boyd gets the money and says that Katherine set up the idea to steal from him.

Mikey knocks out Wynn and calls Katherine to make a deal.

Ava shoots Boyd and runs away with the money.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm sorry, Boyd.


There ain't nothing in my life ever come for free.