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On this episode of Justified…

Raylan and Art confront Wynn about getting him to help snitch on Boyd. He admits that he snitched against Katherine’s husband.

Avery’s gun for hire returns for more money, but Katherine shoots and kills him.

Loretta is confronted by Avery’s new gun for hire, who threatens her to sell her land.

Wynn convinces Boyd and Ava to rob Avery during his party.

At the party, Loretta confronts Avery and tells him that she’s teamed up with Boyd and that she can provide for the people of Harlan County, not him.

Ava realizes Raylan knows Boyd knows. She tells him about the plan to rob Avery.

Unfortunately, Zachariah betrays Boyd and ties him up leaving him to be killed by the explosion.

Boyd escapes and thinks Ava had something to do with it.

Boyd is ready to take the money if Avery moves it.

Rachel is upset they didn’t catch Boyd, but Raylan says they are close.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Man, you are everything I’d hoped for, right down to the hat.


You ever heard that a whisper will get you a hell of a lot further than a roar?