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-A US Destroyer fires on the Chinese ship bringing supplies to the island. Marcus is ready to destroy the US ship but with James help, Grace makes a torpedo non-lethal. The destroyer is injured by not sunk. The Chinese ship delivers its supplies.

-Marcus knows Cortez is the spy. She admits she was sent to kill him but hands over her gun. She's not his enemy.

-Sam walks out on Marcus and Sophie as he grieves Christine. He stumbles across some of the crew planning to mutiny and kill Marcus.

-Sam and Prosser team up. Sam will back Prosser's mutiny plan if he knows every detail and Marcus will not be killed.

-Julian tells Sophie he knows she lied about the minerals on the island. He offers to partner with her and take care of her once they are rich. She doesn't answer.

-Julian offers the Chinese a deal on the island's mineral rights.

-In Washington D.C., the Admiral is out of prison and working with Kylie and members of the cabinet to overthrow the President.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Since politically I straddle the line slightly left of Attila the Hun, you will believe me when I say I did not get in to this in order to take down my best and only paying customer.


You want to jump in the sack? You want to screw the pain away?