Desk Duty - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 3
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The bomber goes into a convenience store and asks for party favors. The clerk tells someone to watch the counter and in a back room gives him a sniper rifle not available in the US. She warns him nothing in her shop can be used to kill in its present condition. She gives him several guns  He uses one to shoot the Imam.

The bomber brings a blindfolded man and a little boy to see someone who looks like a mob boss. They speak in a foreign language. The man needs to take care of his boy. The mob boss says he will look after the boy himse.f The child looks frightened.  He screams as he is separated from his father and taken away.

Bernadette tells Stabler and his brother to stop ffighting. She also tells Stabler that he's like his father and doesn't take enough time for himself. His brother tells him to talk to Joe Jr., who Stabler didn't know was discharged  and isn't overseas anymore. Randall wants to set up a big dinner for everyone, a last sendoff for Mom.

Bell and Shah have a somewhat civil conversation while waiting to talk to the brass.

At a meeting, Reyes gets into it with Bashir because he thinks maybe there was another reason for the murder besides murder.

Vargas is late as he has been on the Today Show. Everyone stared at him. Anyway, they have forensics from the slug. Jet has never seen this before. The gun has had a hand in four different murders but no markets in common. Reyes says maybe rented on the Black Market. Bell says she wants Reyes to run down a lead. Jet doesn't want to but Bell insists. Bell talks to Jet and warns her not to let her relationship with Reyes get in the way.

Stabler warns Reyes to stop dragging Jet into his BS. Reyes says it's not his business. Stabler warns him not to make it his business, then.

Jet hopes REyes will be carefl as he talks to the gun lady. A guy comes in and heads to the back. He's armed.

Jet decides she's going in there despite Reyes' refusal to let her. Reyes gets into it with the son who doesn't trust him. Jet sneaks back there. There is violence. Jet arrests the woman but Reyes beats up the guy.

Bshir finds the charity found temporary housing for refugees. Stacy shows up and says one her ESL students is missing and so his is son, Karim, who is only eight years old. Stabler tells Bashir to get all the flight manifests. Jamal's made multiple trips to and from Afghanistan.

Stabler finds a man whose sutures have been opened up and has been stabbed, and is feverish. The man gives Stabler something. It's Jamal. He says they have my son and will kill him.

Bell confronts Reyes and says she's taking him off the street -- desk duty until he's gotten through this. She wants him to see Dr. Pierson -- her shrink. She wants to keep this off Reyes' record. He is to call him today.

Jamal is in bad shape and heavily sedated. The doctor says the wound is like a pocket on a pair of jeans and the sutures were opened then shut, causing the infection. The person who did it has medical training.

Jet says that the thing in Jamal's chest was an emerald -- her birthstone. They realize this was a smuggling ring using the charity and that's why they blew up the mosque. Bashir says the withdrawal from Afghanistan caused a lot of trouble and chaos. He thinks they killed the imam to cover this up. Stabler says they need to find out what they can about Jamal. He wants to talk to the scared lady across the hall.

Bashir tells the woman in her native language that they took Karim. She says her brother died of sepsis a few weeks ago. She doesn't know who the men he was working for are. The doctor wouldnt see him. She remembers the doctor's name is Ahmadzi. There are two listed, one is a cash and gash -- a plastic surgeon who works cheap.

The suspect runs away and is quickly caught.

Meanwhile the bomber gives KKarim a candy bar and someone tells him he wants what he paid for.

Stabler tries to get something out of his suspect.

Meanwhile, Bell shows victims to the gun dealer lady. Shah and Bell say since the lady claims to know nothing they should bring her son down to say goodbye.

The doctor says that he does what he can with what he has but he's forced to operate without anesthesia and put them on the plane back the next day.

The gun lady says she doesn't like this one customer because he doesn't buy anything from her except the guns and he cashes out scratchoffs he didn't buy from her.

Jet and Vargas use the AI to find out when and where the tickets are purchased.

The bomber goes to a conveninece store. Jet is working the counter. He wants five scratch-offs. He asks where's the usual lady? He wants just a couple off the top.

Stabler notes an unscheduled delivery. The bomber takes tthe delivery man hostage. Stabler tries to stop him. The perp shoots the guy and leaves.

Jet has ID'd the guy through Interpol. He has four alias. He's a professional assassin.

Jamal is awake and wants to leave. Bashir questions him in his native language to try to find out what happened.

Stabler calls Vargas with the information and he puts it through the AI database. They have  19 possible locations. Jet asks what the area sounded like. That narrows it down to 12. The man remembers lots of children's voices. There was a school bus. Reyes says there's a famous streetball court called the Hole. That narrows it down to four buildings and only one has water and electricity turned on.

Stabler and Bashir go

The bomber says the opration is over and he wants his money. The mob boss learns the bomber has been tracked here.

There is another shootout but Stabler and Bashir arrest a guy. Meanwhile the mob boss is getting stuff out of a safe and shooting  at the cops. Bashir shoots him. Stabler wants to know where the boy is.

Stabler and Bashir rescue Karim but there's a figure (the bomber) on the roof. Another shootout happens. Benson shoots the bomber and he falls off the roof.

Karim comes to the hospital and is reunited with his dad.Stacy thanks Stabler who says he wouldn't have done it without her and Sam. Trust their gut. He goes.

Reyes comes down to the lockers while Jet is there.  He says he's sorry for a lot of things. Jet is too. He admits he hasn't been himself for a while and is talking to someone. He wants to start over with her as a friend.

Stabler meets his brother in a bar. He says one of the girls is staying with Bernadette and he needed a break.  He takes him to a booth in the back where his brother Joe Jr is waiting. Stabler is pissed that his brother never called or checked in on Mom.   Joe Jr doesn't want him to be mad at me. He and Stabler are laughing while they fight with each other.


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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Randall: I thought it would be a nice sendoff for Mom.
Stabler: A Last Supper?
Randall: You're the one who wants to send her to a long-term facility.
Stabler: She wants to go. Not me. I don't want her to go.
Randall: It doesn't matter who wanted what.
Stabler: I don't want to talk about this.
Randall: By the time you're ready to talk, it'll be too late.

Nothing that leaves my shop can be used to kill... in its present condition.