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During an interactive theater performance called "Nine Circles," a young actress named Meghan is raped by an audience member. No one helps her as the act appears to be part of the theater experience. The detectives have trouble finding a suspect because the assailant, and all of the audience members, were wearing animal masks and cloaks.

The investigation eventually leads to an obsessed fan who is constantly watching Meghan with his surveillance cameras. Jason, an I.T. expert, has video of the rape, which leads the detectives to Judge Crane. Crane admits that he had sex with Meghan during the show, but it was consensual. Crane claims that he and Meghan were corresponding through a site called "Sugarbabyz," and he was merely fulfilling her rape fantasy.

Meghan swears she never set up a profile on the site nor emailed Crane, and the detectives discover that her director, Ted, also has profile on the website. However, Ted and Judge Crane were merely pawns, set up to take the blame by Meghan's jealous roommate, Holly. Holly, a regular on "Sugarbabyz," was angered when Meghan took the part in the play and wanted to punish her.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

Rollins: How do you trust any man ever after working this job day in and day out?
Benson: I trusted my partner.

If I want to assault an actress, I'd do it in print.

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