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The episode opens with a victim recounting an encounter with an assailant, through cognitive reconstruction methods. They are at the scene of the crime, and the woman breaks down the horrifying account. She remembers that the assailant had taken off his gloves.

The gang gathers their evidence and searches for the target. Annie, the victim, recounted gospel humming and the squad found latex gloves at the scene. Rollins uses a database to locate another case such as this in Atlanta. There is another case, this time a high school girl. She also recounts passing out the moment the man grabbed her from the back. She also recounts the humming, and latex gloves

The man obviously targets his victims, and stalks them extensively. There are three cases in Atlanta, around six years old, that resemble this one. 

Rollins and Fin head to the former's old department to get some more data. 

Olivia, meanwhile, faces losing Noah pending a hearing.

The atmosphere is Atlanta is shy of being friendly, and after some tension, they get the word that the rape kits will finally be processed. As for the paperwork, only initial reports were available since the cases weren't pursued.

Rollins and Fin visit a victim in Atlanta, and she is cautious seeing as how her husband doesn't know of her past. She confirms the song, and that the assailant had a pager. 

There are more instances of the case that appear, and they all confirm a pattern. This is a serial rapist that always commits multiple crimes per spree. 

The Deputy Chief calls Benson in for a hearing where al the inspectors and upper management alike press on her for results. 

During this screening, a new crime scene springs up. This time the victim is a 12 year old. 

Fin and Caresi question the father while Rollins and Olivia question the young girl.

She turns out to offer a lot of help: the color of the car and license plate, partial numbers for the plate, and she left her headphones in the car as proof of her being there. 

However, a potential suspect, with the girl's headphones in his car, doesn't get confirmed as the rapist by the victims. 

The man turns out to be a solicitor and drug trafficker but not the suspect.

Benson attends the hearing for Noah's custody  and is told that it's hard to imagine her having time for the child as well as her career.

Security discovers an EMT, whose access to hospital vehicles, has allowed him to go about his depraved rituals yearly and in multiple states, without any threat of detection.

The gang locates an ex of the suspect's, and find out that while having a relationship with the women, he was eyeing her 15 year old daughter. Through interrogation of the daughter, Benson and co. realize how to capture their target.

Through the daughter's communication with the suspect, they set up a sting.

The daughter tries to warn the suspect, but Fin clotheslines him as he runs away. le

In an effort to get the suspect to confess to more cases than the 12 year old, possession of "kiddie porn," Caresi and Fin try to interrogate him.  

They play to his ego, and the threat of being solely a pedophile in prison, and get him to offer a confession to more cases.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 9 Quotes

You know how many rapists sing, hum, whistle, to their victims? A lot.


Benson: Rollins, word of advice, when you're trying to lie - don't oversell.
Rollins: Got it.

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