In Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 9, when a child molestor Benson put away years ago claims to be innocent, Barba must fight for a conviction.

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In Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 9, defendant Lou Hoda decides to reject a plea deal at the last moment, claiming that he is innocent and that Benson coerced his confession. Hoda is accused of killing a little boy years ago and kidnapping another one recently. At first Barba is going to focus on the recent kidnapping, but when the victim's mother refuses to let her child go through the trauma of a trial, he is forced to try the murder case instead.

Barba promises Dolores Rodriguez, the victim's mother, that he will do his best to get justice for Hector. However, Hoda gets a top defense attorney who is determined to paint the cops as coercive and Hoda as innocent. To make matters worse, the other boy's kidnapping is ruled inadmissible, so Barba can't give the jury the context of why Benson approached the suspect the way she did.

It looks like Barba is going to lose his case -- but is Hoda even guilty? As evidence mounts up even Benson questions herself.

Meanwhile, Rollins gets closer to labor, but there's a problem and she may lose the baby at the last minute.

Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 9 online to see what happens in Hoda's case.

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Benson seeks justice when a suspect child abductor makes a plea deal, Barba must rely on decades old evidence to make his case on a brand new Law & Order: SVU.

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