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The episode opened with a family having breakfast. The husband Lane is at the table with his baby girl Kim, and his wife Collette is making lunch for their son LJ. LJ and Lane leave for school and work and Collette took Kim to the store to get rash cream, when she got there Kim was asleep so she left her in the car and ran in. When she came out, Kim was gone.

Lightman and Gillian watched footage of the press conference where the family begged for Kims return. In the press conference Collette claimed she was forced at gun point to the ground and they took the baby.

As Lightman and his team investigate, they find that Collette is terrified of her husband so much that she lied about how her daughter disappeared. She finally came clean that the Kim was taken from the car and that began the hunt for who would have really taken her.

Things get a bit thicker as it comes out that Collette, a fifth grade teacher had been having an affair with the principle of the school she was at for a few years. When Lightman confronts Collette’s OB/GYN doctor he learns the truth that Kim is not really Lane’s daughter but is in fact the Principles daughter.

Lightman learns that Lane really does care for his family and that his gruff exterior is only that; he had never hurt his son, wife, or daughter. This leads Lightman to confront LJ who was angry at his dad because he appeared to love Kim more than him or his mom.

LJ finally admitted to taking Kim and said she was safe at a friend’s House. Lightman and LJ bring Kim back to Lane and Collette who want to get past the affair and Lane still considers Kim his daughter. Det. Wallowski explained to Lane that she had to take LJ downtown for kidnapping.  Lightman told Lane to go gentle on his family, Lane nodded.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Lightman: My hands use to look like that when I was your age, want to know why?
LJ: Because you pissed off a lot of people?

Keep your distance. My house, my rules.