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Stella continues to try and move on with her life following her clean bill of health by trying to find a better paying job in Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 4: How Stella Got Her Groove On.  

Once Stella realizes that she never actually got her high school diploma and it was yet another lie by her parents, she is deadest on getting her GED in order to apply for a managing position for the coffee shop chain she works for. However, self doubt gets in the way and she ends up relying on her father once more. 

Wes meanwhile is trying to go back to work with an unsatisfying job and that irks Stella to the point where they argue over what they value in their life. Stella has this rose tinted vision of the world still while Wes is committed to providing stability for the two of them. 

It takes nearly an entire episode but she comes around. 

Aiden seemingly scams his way into living with the mother of his child, Marlene, who apparently is rich.  He then goes off the deep end and proposes to Marlene despite only having known her for two months. It's that two months bit that makes Ida realize that the child that Marlene is carrying isn't actually Aiden's. 

As it's been every week so far we're once again left with the characters in a sense of limbo as they readjust to their new status quo, be it living with their parents, acting as virtually a single parent for a few weeks or settling for a job they may or may not love. 

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Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

"Want to get married?"


"Honey, I'm sorry we lied to you - let's just apply that across the board."