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Stella is on a one woman mission this week to get her friend Sadie, a cancer patient with the same diagnosis Stella had, onto a clinical trial. However, he plan is easier said than done when she finds herself continuing to misstep along the way. 

However, the big development is the supposedly "hot" doctor who has been assigned to Sadie's case, Dr. Grant, who Stella forms a connection with over the course of the episode. Big hearted but guarded, he wants nothing more then to help his patients and save lives but he's seen enough pain and loss to know that people don't always get their happy ending. 

Stella was the anomaly. 

Elsewhere, her family bonds without her present to make it happen. Aiden brings their father Paul out for a night on the town to bury his emotions in anonymous sex and, momentarily, it seems to work and they even bond in the process. 

Across town, Ida and Wes have a similar moment of connection as they look after two sick kids and learn how one another came to be the adults they are today. 

The bulk takes place when Stella wishes to convince the anonymous payer which doesn't go the way she'd planned. She's used to being able to talk herself out of or into any situation be here she's at a loss when she realizes the buyer pulled out due to such a low success rate. 

How low? Well, Stella was the only survivor of the case. 

Defeated, she and Dr. Grant share a moment where he tells her about the brother he lost and how every patient he looses feels like his brothers death all over again. It's a potential set up for some romantic tension while also allowing the audience better insight into what makes this new character tic. 

We end on a few cliffhangers, the main one being the fact that Aiden knows the woman that his father hooked up with, a problem we'll have to wait until next week to see if it was resolved or not. 





Life Sentence
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