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Baze tells Emma that he thinks it’s time for him to buy a house and grow up.  Emma is excited, but feels guilty about having the affair with Baze’s father.

Breakfast time at Cate’s includes smothering Lux because Trey is out on bail.  Meanwhile, Eric is dodging Lux. She confronts him and persuades him into spending the night at Tasha’s.

Eric bumps into Cate at the bookstore and Cate expresses her thankfulness to Eric for being there for Lux. This causes Eric to feel even more guilty with his romantic relationship with Lux so he bails on meeting up with her.

Lux confronts Eric the next day and he tells her that he feels no better than Trey. She convinces him to meet up with her at Tasha’s regardless.

Baze takes Sam to show him that he has room in the future house if he wants it. Before Sam can say anything, Cate walks in and wants to know where Lux is. Lux accuses Sam of hiding something and he eventually admits that Lux and Eric are seeing each other.

Baze and Cate barge into Tasha’s apartment and demand answers. Lux tries to lie and say she was meeting Jones there, but when they get back to Baze’s Eric is there and tells them all  that he told Math the truth. Baze is furious and is about to call the cops when Lux stops him by telling him that Emma slept with his father.

Cate and Lux have a blow up.  Cate tells her that she is never again to see Eric.

Emma walks in on Baze and Sam drinking a beer. Baze confronts her about the affair and she tells him that it went on for four years.  Baze walks out on Emma leaving her crying.

Cate and Ryan have a doctor’s appointment and find out that she lost her baby.  Later that day, her best friend comes back and they rehash over time spent apart. Cate wins having the worst life at the moment.
Lux and Jones go on a road trip to visit Tasha. Jones tells her about a rumor that Eric was dating a sophomore.

At Jack’s birthday party Baze makes a toast to his father.  Emma meets up with him and tells him that he is so much more of a man than his father is. They start to make love and he tells her that he can’t do it.

Jones meets up with Lux at the basketball court and tells her that everyone has issues and she’s not alone.

At home, Ryan tells Cate that having her in his life is the most important thing. He gets her back on the show.

Cate waits up for Lux to get home to tell her about her miscarriage and how she is not able to have anymore children. She also tells Lux that given the choice of having any kid, she would choose Lux.  Lux opens up to her about everything that has been going on in the last couple months.

A new day starts. Cate and Ryan are back at their gig and Baze is getting his old bar back together.  

Cate runs into Julia almost full term at her doctors office. Two years later Lux is graduating from high school. Everyone shows up for this big day. As it turns out Jones and Lux end up together. Baze and Cate are together and Ryan and Julia are together.

Everyone is happy and in love - including Math!

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Aren't we supposed to be on break from work?


(to Ryan) Rise and shine.