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Cate and Ryan are still fighting.

Tasha isn’t thrilled that Lux hasn’t told Cate the truth. Lux promises that she’ll get Cate to let them both go homecoming.

Eric calls Lux in for a meeting with the specialist and her parents. They find out that Lux’s learning disability was caused by something that happened to her in Seventh grade.  Eric promises her that if she gets the MRI done, he’ll put together her very own special homecoming.

Candice Carter is having a gala and Baze gets Emma to agree to go to it, even though it’s against her best judgment to leave Sam at home.

At the MRI, the doctor finds out that Lux has a stroke.  The doctor questions Lux about what happened and she tells them that she doesn’t remember anything traumatic that happened to her back in middle school.

Lux and Tasha are getting ready for the dance when Cate confronts Tasha if she knows anything. Tasha tells he that she doesn’t, but knows of an address where she could find some answers.

Baze stops by and drops off Sam to go to homecoming with Lux.  She tries to sneak away and call Eric when Sam catches her. He notices that she gets a call from a Minnesota. Sam sparks up a joint and hands it to Lux. Lux gets caught holding a joint.

Emma and Baze get to the party and Baze is able woo everyone especially Candice.  Emma is jealous of the way everything comes so easily for him, including signing the new client.

Cate goes to the house and questions Valerie if she knows why Lux would have had a hard time back then. The lady tells her that she loved Lux like a daughter.  Valerie shows Cate a box of pictures and tells her that Lux was a liar. She gets a call from the school that Lux got caught holding a joint.

When Cate gets there she confronts Lux about telling her the truth. Lux tells her she already got all the truth she needs from Valerie. Lux storms out and Tasha follows. They take off with Emma’s son and go to Valerie’s house. Lux confronts Valerie about what she said to Cate. Her abusive husband comes out and starts to yell at Lux and pull her hair. Tasha whacks him in the back of his head with a shovel.

They leave the scene of the crime and get into a car accident.  Lux calls Ryan and he comes to get them. When they get home Cate is furious. Sam covers for Lux and says that he stole the car.

The next day Eric gives Lux a disco ball to hang in her locker. Sams walks up and tells Lux that his mom enrolled him in the school. Lux awkwardly introduces Eric and Sam. Eric tells Sam he’s from Minnesota and Sam puts together that Eric is Lux’s mystery man.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Cate, you're over simplifying what I said. I hate when you do that. At least I tried to give an honest answer. Any chance you figured out why you married me?


Kelly: Stop talking about my sex life.
Ryan: Stop talking about my marriage.