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Emma and Baze are getting a little close when his father interrupts them.  He invites Lux and Baze to go to Bermuda with them, but Baze denies it because he wants Lux to have her first Thanksgiving at home.

Baze invites Emma and her son Sam over for Thanksgiving. She reluctantly agrees to go.

Lux and Tasha talk about Trey and whether or not anything will show up in the papers and their plans for Thanksgiving. Eric tells Lux that he will be there for Thanksgiving and as happy as she is, she can’t get Sam lurking on her out of her head.

Later Sam catches up with Lux and asks her to get Eric to give him a passing grade because otherwise he will tell someone that she and Eric are hooking up. He also reminds her how he covered for her too.

Baze convinces Cate to have Thanksgiving at his place with everyone together.  Meanwhile Cate is dealing with being pregnant and Ryan not being anywhere around.

Cate’s mom and sister show up in the morning to help with sides and Cate lets it slip that she’s pregnant.

At Baze’s place everyone is just getting settled when Emma and Sam show up. Cate and her family arrive a bit later and they run into Ryan. He tells her that Paige ran off so he decided to stay local.

Abby isn’t trilled with Baze dating someone else. While Sam pushes Lux into getting him an A in Eric’s class.  Baze’s parents stop by unexpectedly which makes Emma and Baze very uncomfortable because Baze’s dad doesn’t know that they are dating.

Baze asks Lux to cover and say that her and Sam are dating and Sam couldn’t be happier.  On their walk Sam gets Lux to kiss him by back mailing her with a picture of her and Eric.

Abby accidentally admits to Baze’s parents that Baze is sleeping with Emma. Baze admits to his dad that it is the truth and his dad doesn’t care. He tells Baze that he must end it or he’s fired.

During dinner Cate informs everyone that she’s pregnant.

Lux has a talk with Tasha about telling Cate the truth. Lux doesn’t want Sam to call the cops. Tasha tells Lux that she can’t say anything because she’s in it too and doesn’t want anyone to find out about Trey.

The police show up to Baze’s house and tell them that Tasha has a warrant out for her arrest.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sam: (to Lux) Don't worry about it. What's a little hit and run between friends.
Eric: Lux, you have a minute?
Sam: (to Lux) Oh! It looks like your boyfriend is calling you.

Lux: Baze is making a turkey the size of a toddler.
Tasha: That makes me hungry.