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Baze and his father are playing a competitive game basketball when Cate, Ryan, and Lux just get back from their honeymoon.

Before they can get hot and heavy, the station calls Cate and Ryan in.  They want to revamp the show and bring in a sex and marriage expert, Kelly who has never been married herself.

When Ryan and Cate come home, Baze shows up and politely asks her to meet with him because in order for him to move on with his life, he must first have to talk to her. Cate agrees to meet him at the park.

At the park, Baze tells Cate that he loves her and she tells him that she already knew. That he should try to fix his relationship with Lux.

Paige is the new bartender at Baze’s bar and obviously has the hots for him and after a few (many) shots - he has the hots for her too.

Lux goes to visit Bug and he proposes to her. Reluctantly, Luz agrees.  Later that day, Lux is at the bar when a young good-looking man, Eric, stops by for a drink. She can tell he’s underage, but serves him anyway.

Eric gets Lux to admit that maybe she shouldn’t be engaged. She tells him that she wanted to see the ocean and he agrees to drive her to the ocean. Half way there, his car breaks down.  While waiting for the good Samaritan that decided to bring back gas for them,  they end up kissing.

Back at the bar, after a night of romping, Paige leaves and throws her cig into the trashcan which blows up the bar. Frantically, both Cate and Baze think that Luz is inside the building.  Baze runs back inside the building and gets burned.

When Bug shows up at the hospital, Lux tells him that she’s not ready for forever with him and gives back the ring. He tells her that she just changed everything and leaves.

Cate gets back to work and the producer tells her that she’s fired - starting the next day, it will just be Ryan and Kelly.

Baze goes to see Lux and tells her he’s sorry. That things are going to be different.

Ryan gets a call from the mysterious Julia who sent them the vase and tells her that he cant talk to her. Paige shows up at Cate and Ryan’s place looking for her brother - Ryan.

Eric Daniel’s shows up at Lux’s school and the newest teacher. Awkward!

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Bug: We know we want to be together forever.
Lux: Yes, yes! Of course!

We just got home, we're about to make margaritas.


Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
This could all be yours This Could All Be Yours Guster iTunes
Line in the sand Line In The Sand ZOX iTunes
Youre too cool You're Too Cool The Zolas iTunes