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Cate, Lux, and Baze head to the courthouse to get her biological custody to her parents.  They get back to Cate’s house and have a mimosa toast. Ryan walks in and breaks it up.

Cate and Ryan’s boss comes by and the corporate office wants to sign them into a five year contract.  Ryan and Cate’s rehearsal dinner place falls through and Cate begs Baze if they can have it at his bar. He reluctantly agrees.

Lux tries to convince Baze to tell Cate the truth when Baze’s father walks in. He is hurt that Baze didn’t invite him to the reinstating of Lux as their children.

At the rehearsal, Cate brings to Ryan’s attention that maybe signing the five year commitment isn’t a bad thing. He tells Cate that there is already too much stress in their lives to add a commitment like that. She doesn’t think Ryan really wants to marry her.

On their way to the wedding rehearsal dinner, Cate’s mom makes her realize that maybe she doesn’t want to marry Ryan.

At the rehearsal dinner, Lux tells Baze that even Cate’s mom thinks she is projecting.  Lux tells Baze that before she did anything about it, she was living in a foster home.  The toasts at the dinner go terribly bad. 

Cate hides upstairs and Baze comes out to talk to her. He is able to tell her that Lux doesn’t want her to marry Ryan, that she wants them the three of them, to be a family and before he can tell Cate that he also has feelings for her, Ryan walks out.

Math overhears Baze leaving Cate a message. Baze admits to Math that he loves Cate. Math tells him that if he really loved her, the best thing that he could do is let her be happy.

Cate goes to Lux and asks her if she doesn’t want her to marry Ryan. Lux tells Cate that it was Baze and he has feelings for her. She doesn’t want to listen, but something Lux says gets to Cate. She leaves in the middle of the night to go to see Baze.

Cate asks Baze if he is in love with her.  Baze tells Cate that whatever Lux has told her is wrong and that he is not in love with her. She leaves.

The next morning, Cate is in her dressing room and won’t let anyone in.  Lux bumps into Ryan and he asks her why she is giving him the cold shoulder.  He says he understands if she doesn’t want him to marry Cate.

Baze goes to see his father and tells him that there’s a reason why he can’t man up. He never heard it from his own dad that he loved her.

Baze’s dad comes back to his bar and tells him that he is sorry for not being the type of dad that Baze needed. He misses him and tells him that he loves him.  He tells Baze to not make the same mistakes as he did - that he should tell Cate that he loves her.
Baze rushes to get to the church, but gets stuck in traffic. He finally gets there right before they take their first kiss in marriage. The whole church turns and looks at them, but Cate kisses Ryan anyway.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

A toast to bong lamps.


Lux: Fern, thank you.
Fern: So you will never forget this day.