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Everyone was in need of a little money this week on Lights Out.

Omar wanted his cut from the title fight, Johnny owed Ernie Chen money for betting on Omar’s fight, the church sought a donation from the Leary’s, and Theresa found out that the family was broke.

Patrick took it upon himself to deal with all of these issues in an effort to appease each group. He agreed to a Mixed Martial Arts fight with Ernie’s right hand man to save his brother. Hal Brennan backed Patrick’s bet, and after a vicious fight, he won, erased Johnny’s debt, and used the money to pay off Omar.

As for Theresa, he explained that he’s been trying to do everything he can to save the family. She wants to sell her items to help out and even demands they cut Johnny off. Patrick refuses to give up on anyone he cares about, but the money pressures are still highly evident.

Lights Out
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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

What's with the sewing circle?


Nothing personal, I just always bet on the black man because the white heavyweight usually lose.

Madame Chen