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On this week’s episode of Lights Out:

- Patrick is on a home shopping network selling everything from bobbleheads to his championship boxing gloves.

- After driving the girls home from school, Patrick learns that Reynolds was the mystery buyer of his boxing gloves. He tells Patrick to step up or stop running his mouth.

- Johnny and Pops discuss putting Omar into a title fight. Patrick thinks it’s too soon.

- Johnny tries to meet up with promoter, Barry K. Word, but is blown off.

- Theresa and her daughters come up with creating a scrapbook for Patrick’s birthday.

- Patrick confronts Omar about his lack of focus and training. His father tells Patrick to back off.

- Pops is so intent on Omar’s success, that he is ignoring the well being of his health in order to train him. Unfortunately, Omar thinks he knows everything.

- Johnny tries again to meet Barry. Before he blows him off again, Johnny tries to convince him to put Omar in the title fight. Barry declines.

- Theresa tells the story of how she first met Patrick. Ava reveals she knows and cares a lot more about her father than she likes to admit.

- Patrick is upset about Omar’s training, and then transfers that frustration when his daughters don’t respond to his calls for dinner.

- Johnny finds Barry again and finally convinces him to promote Omar.

- Patrick has a conversation with Theresa about Omar and his frustrations.

- Patrick takes it upon himself to train Omar for the fight.

- The girls give Patrick his scrapbook and they enjoy his birthday evening.

- Omar has control of the fight but once he returns to his cocky antics, he gets knocked out.

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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Look, Patrick, you don't want to fight that's your choice, but Omar does. And this kid is gonna win.


Leary. You know we got to finish this, right?