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On the season premiere of Limitless...

Brian Finch's life takes an unexpected turn when a friend from his past, who has found major success, offers him a drug that can unlock his full potential.

Brian is able to discover a way to help his ailing father.

However, other uses of the drug are being hunted and killed.

The FBI thinks Brian is a suspect, but agent Rebecca Harris beleives he may be innocent.

Brian is captured by Eddie Morra, the main character from the film Limitless. He has aspirations for the White House, and he offers Brian a chance to take the drug without the side effects. Brian agrees on the condition he never talk about their conversation.

Brian is able to help Rebecca capture the real killer and get his dad the surgery he needs.

Rebecca offers Brian a job to use his abilities while on the drug to help the FBI solve cases. He accepts.

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Limitless Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Is it me? Or did the whole world just change?


Are you ready to become somebody who matters?