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On this episode of Limitless…

Brian begins his work with the FBI, which includes being studied, guarded by “Mike and Ike” and told to stay in a room and be an analyst.

Brian decides to do his own investigative work and help find out the killer.

It leads them to a bomb maker, but not the killer.

Turns out, someone is targeting genetic traits connected with Genghis Khan, and Brian and the FBI are able to track down the next target.

Brian is not fired despite ignoring FBI orders.

Brian wants to tell his father about NZT and his work, but he discovers that his father’s nurse is the one who gave him the treatment from Eddie Morra.

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Limitless Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I am not going to play along when you're lying to me.


He defines himself in opposition to institutions. I know the mindset, I raised teenagers.