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Bo and Kenzi are infected by a spider that causes paranoia that leads to homicidal urges. They turn on each other and try to kill the other. When Hale shows up to try to save them, they knock him out and tie him up. He becomes infected as well and tries to kill Kenzi. Lauren and Dyson end up working together to find the spider heart and destroy it to save Bo, Kenzi and Hale.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Bo: Dyson is the one who gave me the green light to see other people. And, then Lauren shows up and he gets all testy.
Kenzi: Ah, because he has testes. Dudes tend to get irrationally territorial.

Bo: You? Asking me for help.
Dyson: Relax, it's not a marriage proposal.
Bo: I already sent out the invites.