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It is the Fae holy day of La Shoshain. On this day, Fae are not allowed to use their powers or be violent. During the party at Trick's bar, a Banshee cries to signal the coming death of a Fae in attendance from a Noble family. Since Dyson observes La Shoshain, he takes Bo with him to force the Banshee to reveal whose death she was signaling. Kenzi befriends Shawn at the bar while Bo and Dyson are gone and they return to tell him he is to die by that night. Kenzi convinces Shawn to live out his last day. He wants to make amends with his brother, Liam. It turns out that Liam put a hit out on Shawn. Bo wants them to reconcile and calls for a Agallamh. If her negotiation with the brother fails, she must sacrifice herself. The brothers split over $30,000 that was stolen from their family vault 80 years ago. Kenzi realizes neither brother took that money and brings their father to the Agallamh to confess his guilt. The brothers make up and Bo is safe. When leaving the ceremony, Shawn takes a bullet meant for his brother and dies.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kenzi: What to start a death pool?
Shawn: Oh, so you gamble?
Kenzi: If the stakes are right. What you got?

Bo: OK, but you must know one story?
Dyson: Bo, read a book.