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  • Bo finds out about an underground fighting ring that has a superhuman fighting against Fae. She believes the ring owner is dosing the human with something to give him Fae powers.
  • Bo's past comes back. She grew up on a farm and she accidentally killed her boyfriend, Kyle, with her powers. His sister, Mel, shows up to bring Bo to justice.
  • She joins the fighting ring to allow Dyson to get evidence of the dosing. While fighting, Bo gives up due to memories of killing Kyle and her vision of killing Trick.
  • Bo pushes everyone away and decides she has to run when this case is over.
  • Dyson and Bo figure out that it is the fighter's son, not the owner, that is dosing him. They save him before he is killed in the fight.
  • Bo goes to confess everything to Mel, but is instead forgiven by Mel. Hale told her that Kyle was killed by a serial killer, Bo ran and joined witness protection. Bo is upset about the lie and finds out that Trick convinced Hale to lie in order to protect the Fae.
  • Bo decides to stay and reconnects with her friends.
  • The Ash kills the gym owner with a month full of crazy sharp teeth.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm just a girl standing in front of a guy looking for a fight.


Evidence is going to fall so hard that you'll be singing soprano.