Bo and Tamsin go undercover as cheerleaders to investigate the murder of a star wide-receiver. Watch Lost Girl online at TV Fanatic to see what happens!

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Bo dreams of Lauren playing the music box that was a gift from her father. But she wakes up in bed with Tamsin.

Meanwhile, Dyson is investigating the murder of a football player and he believes there is a connection to the Fae cult. Bo and Tamsin go undercover as cheerleaders to learn more.

Suspects include cheer captain Brinkley, male cheerleader Derek and quarterback Clay. When Clay takes a bad hit and gets up unscathed, Bo suspects he is Fae. Lauren is called in to help with the case.

She determines that Clay is human, but immune to toxic substances. He is a Heraclid, descended from Hercules. When Derek is framed for the murder, Clay provides his alibi. They are a couple and were together at the time of the crime.

Dyson is also working the case of an elevator crash victim whose wife saw him alive. He is one of the Fae inhabiting the human bodies from the crash.

That man, it turns out, is also posing as a PR rep working with Clay. When Boy investigates, she learns that the woman Fae from the elevator crash feeds off cheers from the crowd.

Tamsin. who is now posing as a football player, inadvertently gives her more power by scoring the game-winning touchdown.

It's revealed that the Fae from the elevator crash are ancient and one is the father of Hercules, Zeus!

Episode Details

On Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6, Bo and Tasmin end up in the middle of the football world to investigate the murder of a player with Fae connections.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (9 Votes)
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Tamsin: Ugh, I can smell their insecurity from here.
Bo: I think it's Eau de Taylor Swift.

Football Player: You're a tall glass of water, aren't ya? I could just drink you up.
Tamsin: Try Gatorade, asshole.