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We apologize for the brief episode rundown this week. Most of our staff was on vacation for Labor Day weekend. Here's a quick rundown of what went down:

- Pete brought in a new, rich client. He has tons of money from his father and wants to give Sterling Cooper millions of dollars to promoate jai alai in America.

- Peggy decided to move to Manhattan. She must find a new roommate to afford the rent.

- Betty's father died. She reacted numbly, even ignoring her crying daughter, who has grown close to her grandfather. Don doesn't let anything on, but he seems affected by Gene's death, perhaps thinking back to his mean dad.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

He's dead! He's dead and he's never coming back!

Sally [on his grandfather]

Harry: It doesn't make any sense. It looks right, sounds right, smells right. But something's not right. What is it?
Roger: She's not Ann-Margaret.